Rachel & Matt at Rivington Barn

February 7, 2014

Okay peeps its time for this weeks mini album upload. This one features the fabulous wedding of Rachel & Matthew at the very beautiful and historic Rivington Hall Barn. It’s the first time I’ve worked at this particular venue and after seeing the setting I really hope to be going back there more often….it’s gorgeous!! Rachel and Matthew’s day was truly a special event for everyone in attendance. The genuine love and happiness shown towards them from their family and all their friends made it easy to see just how popular these two newlyweds are. All in all a truly wonderful day!!! If these images don’t move you just a teensy weensy little bit emotionally….you need to see a doctor…ha ha!!Have a look for yourselves and send them some love!!…..Just a tiny snippet from your day guys so we hope you like them. have an amazing honeymoon and we’ll see you again very soon….bon voyage!!…xxxx

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