Nicole & Martins beautiful day at crewe hall…

April 7, 2014

We’ve been really looking forward to getting back into our mini album uploads so here’s one which hopefully will make you all smile on this sunny Sunday afternoon. These images are from the lovely Nicole & Martin’s beautiful wedding day over at nearby Crewe Hall ! A stunning bride and her goalscoring groom (sorry Martin just had to include that) It really was an epic day that will be remembered for ever by everyone there. Brilliant bridal preps and hair accessories by Nina fromWedding hair ideas By Nina Wren. Signature venue styling from the one and only Mat and his team at Red floral architecture. The lovely Neil from Absolute Lighting & Events Ltd introduced some great specialist lighting….just a few of the many top suppliers involved…apologies if I haven’t mentioned you or someone you know…do feel free to tag yourself in to Nicole & Martin’s photo’s if you were involved.Hope you llove these images Mr & Mrs Paterson… both look fabulous!!…xxxx Eleventh Heaven by Ann McKavneyBloomsbury Wedding Cakes