Abby & Peter’s wonderful wedding at Mottram Hall 16th July 2011

Story to follow…


Thank you – it’s loveley but I sure you’ve airbrushed me – I have never looked that good!! Getting excited about seeing the pictures. Still love looking at all the other pictures you put facebook page they are always amazing!! Also a big fan of Red Floral, their work is truly outstanding which I picked up on from you website page. Thank you soooooo much for everything, take care. Love and best wishes Abby’s Mum Alison xx

Alison Brocklehurstsw

Stunning, stunning and yet more stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love all the pictures seen so far…. can’t wait to see mooooooore!!
Have you got any good ones of Abby’s mum and stepdad, I remember you did take some, perhaps you are seriously having to air brush the wrinkles on mum!!!
Love the picture of Abby in the window, sooooooo beautiful and that’s not just because I am mum!! lol

Take care all of you and please please please keep taking those wonderful photos, and yes Blake is brilliant and cute, he is one next Saturday!!

Love and best wishes Abby’s mum xx

Hi Alison,
Shaun has popped your piccie up on our facebook page…hope you like it, love Les. Peter and Abbys album design will be going into the post over the next few days whoop! it looks amazing xxxx

Hi Alison, thank you for your very kind comments yet again 🙂 Of course there are lots of lovely piccies and no you need no air brushing at all lol 😉 Love Shaun xxx