Zara & Toms wonderful Marquee wedding…

April 7, 2014

Not much I can say about this wedding really….I’ve tried to include as much as I can into this mini album upload but to be honest the wedding was so beautiful I’ve found it almost impossible. So have a look at Zara & Tom’s wedding…then after you’ve put your eyes back in again, just multiply the shock and awe by ten and you’ll the have some idea of what it was like to be there. This lovely young couple adore each other and they had the wedding day of their dreams….it was perfect!! Feel free to send them some of your love why don’t you??…xx

Stands back in amazement reaction goes to Mat and his fantastic team from Red floral architecture…what a job they did!
The most exquisite wedding stationary from The Alderley Edge Wedding Company
One heck of a stunning IanStuartBride ‘Cassiopia’ bridal gown from Fairytale Brides.
Sumptuous food and drink from Barretts Event Caterers
Zara and her attendants (and all the female guests, all day long and into the evening) beautified by Lara and her team from Heswall Hair & Beauty Fab Cake by Cookie Couture