Robert Meredith Photography

May 7, 2011

I am such a proud mum…
The eldest of our sons Rob has decided to follow in the family tradition of being a wedding photographer. He did his initial training with us but has very recently emigrated to Sydney Australia to pursue his dream career there ( apart from his love of DJ,ing lol ) .
It was clear from very early on to us that Rob had what it takes to become a great photographer, he has always loved art and if I remember rightly he popped out of the womb carrying a box of crayons and a drawing book and perhaps if there was room for a camera in there too that also would have been in his hand ha ha oh and possibly some turntables too.

For young aspiring professional photographers the search for their own unique style is something that they strive desperately to find in the beginning, when you are researching the industry there are so many outside influences affecting the way you capture images eg. Media, magazines, web, tv,other photographers etc. But now from Rob I see a wonderful unique style developing & each time I see more of his work his lovely warm personality just shines through. He has true passion for photography oozing out of every image!

Take a look at his new website:

Its worth grabbing a taste of Oz by taking a peek at his blog, share his journey documented in images about the ‘big move’ down under with his beautiful girlfriend Naomi.
Rob, we are all so very proud of you, love you and miss having you here to cheer our days but totally understand why 🙂
Dum and Mad xxx