Review: My New ProPhoto Blog + $10 Discount Code

May 14, 2011

If you are here hello, you have found my new blog and I hope that you like what you see 🙂 I have/am having such fun designing and customising it, the designs that come straight out of the box are already lovely and so easy to use but with a little experimenting you can change almost anything you wish turning it into a bespoke looking blog…’YOUR BLOG’

The amazing people at ProPhoto have designed several different generic blog templates that you can customise yourself. I was tired of my old blog because I wanted to show large images showing them off in all their glory, don’t be like me and procrastinate for 12 months and then still keep coming back to them in the end.
It cost me £117 GB as of APRIL 2011, can you imagine how much you would have to pay for such a lovely design elsewhere? and it’s mine for keeps no monthly fee like my website, just my hosting and domain name fee and ProPhoto can sort even that out for you if you wish.

Use this discount code to receive $10 off your new blog: LMER5313  or better still click the link below.

Go on do it, I promise that you will not regret it 🙂 We should be giving them the extra $10 not the other way around… welcome to your new blog.

ProPhoto is a gorgeous, high-end blog designed for pro photographers. It is totally customizeable, and gives you an incredible-looking blog for an unbelieveable low price.