This beautiful set of highlights features the fabulous wedding day of Danielle & Craig. A church wedding followed by a champagne reception set in a gorgeous

Marquee in her Aunt and Uncles back garden…totally gorgeous !!

In between the church and the reception we made a short hop over the the local beach….well…..not quite onto the beach itself but close enough.
To say it was a bit brisk would be down-playing it quite a lot so as you can imagine we didn’t hang around for very long. Long enough to capture some lovely informal shots of the bride and groom and as always it was nice for the local beachcombers/dogwalkers etc etc to catch a glimpse of such a good looking couple….that’s Danielle & Craig of course…not me and Shaun…lol !!
Anyhow feast your eyes peeps and then send the newlyweds your best wishes and congratulations !!