Jade & Michael’s Pre Wedding shoot…

Alison Brocklehurst

Hi there

Just love looking at the photos that you both take – became aware of your website after my daughter Abby (Swindell) booked with you for her wedding in 3 weeks time, 16th July 2011, to Pete Straiton.

Wedding are always very special and even if I don’t know the couple very well I love hearing about their plans for their special day. Must be an old romantic!!!!

Loved the pictures you took last year of Hannah and Neil, I have know Hannah and her family for many years, Abby and Hannah used to play together as children. Wonderful family and Neil fits in there just perfectly.

Can’t wait for Abby’s big day, she has worked so hard in planning her special day I truly hope with all my heart that it all comes together perfectly for her and Pete.

Looking forward to meeting you, bring along a little sunshine if you can.

Kind Regards and best wishes

Abby’s Mum – Alison x

Thank you Alison,
Arhhh that is really lovely of you 🙂 and so appreciated!
I have just come to reply to your last lovely comment but cant find it? did you post it on here? we have had a bit of a techno nightmare the last couple of weeks 🙁
I had a fab day with you all and the images are just to die for, can’t wait to present them with a stunning record of their amazing day.
How gorgeous is little Blake!!!
Love Shaun xxx