Your wedding day should be your time to take centre stage and come together with the one you love. As two hearts are intertwined it’s important to remember that they are made up of two very separate people. We like to get together with our happy couples before the big day and offer a pre wedding shoot to all our couples. Our pre wedding shoot usually takes place just before your big day and it’s the perfect time for the Groom to get to grips with feeling more familiar being in front of our lens. As most Grooms aren’t used to getting photographed in this style we take the time to make you feel as comfortable as possible in front of the camera. At the thirty minute pre photo shoot session we will give you tips on how to look and feel relaxed, Its not rocket science but this and great lighting is the secret to having great photographs.


When the big day arrives we spend some time with the Groom and showcase a story of the day from the Grooms perspective. We then take this snapshot and combine it with your beautiful Bride’s perspective to create an album like no other. By documenting this natural progression of the day, we paint a picture of all those little details that take place before and during the all important ceremony.

We like to spend time with the Groom in the morning to show that all important pre-wedding excitement. When surrounded by Groomsmen, Grooms tend to be more relaxed and we can then capture those perfect moments of wedding preparation, joy and laughter as you and your groomsmen work out how to tie those cravats! We spend around 1.5 to 2 hours with the Bride and Groom separately before the loved up couple meet for the first time at the top of the aisle. As your wedding is a reflection of you, we take our time capturing those perfect little details which make up your wedding morning. We like our Grooms to look natural and unguarded which is why we like to take real life shots of the scenes around us, from group banter to moving moments with relatives.

The focus will remain on both the Groom and Bride throughout the day to capture those extraordinary moments which you will want to keep forever. The special details of your day are as important to you as they are to your stunning Bride, so we work with Grooms to ensure we capture every special detail, moment and event as your wedding day unfolds. If you wish to include items which are special to you into your wedding album, we are always on hand to advice the best way to incorporate these into images. We want our Grooms to have the best day possible and we aim to capture all of the moments that make up this very special day for them.

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